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Hit Google top #1 with best SEO practices in 2023! SEO Analytics, Pretty URL, Sitemap, Auto Image ALT, meta title, meta description, Google Snippet, RSS & social network optimization. Also integrated with ChatGPT for generating SEO content.



Hit Google top #1 with best SEO practices in 2023! SEO Analytics, Pretty URL, Sitemap, Auto Image ALT, meta title, meta description, Google Snippet, RSS & social network optimization. Also integrated with ChatGPT for generating SEO content.


You have been spending a lot of time and effort but are still not able to get your website in the #1 position on the Google search result pages. Hold on, maybe you’re doing something wrong! Let's try SEO Audit - the most complete PrestaShop SEO module with everything you need to improve SEO for your website!

1. SEO Analysis
In the SEO world, content is king! SEO Audit is the unique module that helps you write perfect content that is friendly for both search engines and users and optimized for your SEO keywords. SEO Audit is integrated with up-to-date rank math to help you analyze and detect any SEO problems with the content on every website web page, such as product page, category page, CMS page, etc. The analysis result includes SEO analysis, readability analysis, and snippet preview that helps you create the most SEO-friendly content with the best SEO practices.

Moreover, our module also provides an SEO checklist to help you know the status of SEO practices on your website and what needs to improve. SEO checklist will help you easily push your keywords to top positions on search result pages!

2. ChatGPT integration
Introducing the revolutionary feature, ChatGPT integration in our PrestaShop SEO Audit module! We understand the importance of creating compelling content to enhance your website's search engine optimization. With ChatGPT seamlessly integrated into the product page, category page, and CMS page of our module, we provide you with an AI-powered assistant right at your fingertips.

This powerful tool will help admins generate engaging and optimized content, improving your website's visibility and driving more organic traffic. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming ideas alone, as ChatGPT will assist you in creating captivating content that resonates with your target audience. Elevate your SEO strategy with our advanced ChatGPT integration and unlock the true potential of your PrestaShop store.

3. URLs optimization and clean IDs (number)
It's important to get your URLs friendly to make both search engines and customers browse your site easily. Working as a PrestaShop URL module, with SEO Audit, you can remove IDs from all PrestaShop site URLs, check for duplicate URLs or create URL 301, 302 & 303 redirections to optimize your URLs.

You can also automatically remove ISO code for default language in all page URLs, and shorten your page URLs to get a better SEO score.

Unlike other SEO URL modules that override all website’s controllers to remove IDs that may cause conflicts with custom modules and are not stable, SEO Audit comes with fewer overrides (only override main dispatcher file) and a URL re-matching algorithm to make sure the module is stable and compatible with any other custom modules or custom URLs on your store.

SEO Audit will also redirect all old URLs (with ID and ISO code of default language) to new URLs (without ID and ISO code) to preserve the ranking of your pages and their backlinks. This is the unique module that could do that!

Another advanced feature that PrestaShop SEO expert module - SEO Audit offers to you is Canonical URL. Canonical URL helps your site avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate URLs. You can customize Canonical URL to specify which URL that you want search engines to display on search result pages.

4. Sitemap, RSS feed, customizable Robots.txt and social media
Our Prestashop SEO module - SEO Audit provides you with a dynamic sitemap with pagination which can process large sitemaps without having to generate big sitemap XML files using cronjob. This module also offers an auto RSS feed feature to allow customers to retrieve specific contents from your website.

Robots.txt is a text file created to instruct search engine robots how to crawl pages on your website. SEO Audit will help you automatically generate Robots.txt file and enable you to edit this file as your requirement.

We also integrated Open Graph into SEO Audit to help you easily share information through any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and optimize your online store for social media sharing.
Besides, our module also automatically submit sitemaps to the Google Search Console via cronjob.

5. Automated meta templates
For better branding and consistent snippets in the search results, our PrestaShop SEO optimization module can automatically create customizable meta titles and descriptions for every page of your website. Unlike other modules on Addons marketplace, with SEO Audit, you don't need to regenerate these elements for each page (rewrite all meta title, meta description, and keywords of each page), they’re all done automatically without affecting the data of your website (product info, category info, etc.) In addition, it also automates the task of adding the ALT and Title tags to the images.

6. Others
SEO Audit
– our Prestashop SEO module also offers some other SEO optimization features such as ratings/snippets, SEO breadcrumb, webmaster tool, import/export SEO data, search engines, referrers, and a detailed statistic dashboard to help you keep track of the SEO statuses.


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