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Maximize page speed, Google PageSpeed optimization, WebP & TinyPNG image compressor, and improve SEO. Page cache optimization, database optimization, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP, and more!
There is a fact that online stores with a hyper-loading speed make more money. Your potential customers can be disappointed if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for your web page to fully display. And we're not done yet! Slow page speed will terribly affect the SEO ranking of your website on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This reduces the visibility of your website to potential customers thus negatively affecting your brand’s reputation and revenue.

PrestaShop does provide cache optimization settings, but it's not sufficient and quite complicated for new PrestaShop users. That’s why we make Super Speed, an all-in-one PrestaShop speed optimization tool. This module not only brings to your website innovative speed optimization solutions lacking in PrestaShop by default (page cache, WebP image optimization, database optimization, etc.), but it also helps simplify the default speed optimization process of PrestaShop. Super Speed guarantees to make your website faster than ever with just one click of your computer mouse!

1. Professional dashboard

  • Real-time line chart of page loading speed
  • Current page loading time speedometer
  • Image optimization status
  • Auto-configuration, set everything up in 1 click
  • Recently generated page caches

2. Page cache settings

  • Enable/disable page cache.
  • Compress cache files into .ZIP files.
  • Generate a particular page cache for each user-agent.
  • Auto refresh caches using cronjob.
  • Select page to cache and adjust page cache lifetime.
  • Manage URL exceptions that will not be cached.
  • Enable/disable cache for certain modules and hooks.
  • Live JavaScript - JavaScript code that you need to execute after non-cached content is fully loaded.
  • Detailed list of all cached URLs and URLs that failed to create a cache.

3. Image optimization

  • Allow you to manually optimize all common images existing on your website and automatically optimize new images (images updated in the future when you upload new products, a new product category, etc.).
  • Super Speed supports 4 optimization methods: Google WebP image optimizer, reSmush, TinyPNG, and PHP optimization script.
  • You can upload images from your computer or browse images on your website to manually optimize them.
  • Option to optimize images for the following modules: PrestaShop default home slider module, PrestaShop default banner module, and the most trusted blog module for PrestaShop - BLOG
  • Image cleaner feature: clear unused images to save your hosting space.
  • Lazy load image configuration: configure the lazy load feature for your website’s images.

4. Server cache and minimization

  • Enable / Disable server cache
  • Enable / Disable Smarty cache
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript

5. GZIP and browser cache

  • Enable/disable PrestaShop GZIP and browser cache
  • Option to apply default settings for browser cache elements and GZIP cache
  • Option to adjust lifetime for browser cache elements: images, icons, CSS, JavaScript, and web fonts

6. Database optimization

This PrestaShop speed optimization feature allows you to download or clean up the following data on your database:

  • Connection log
  • Page views
  • Useless discount codes
  • Abandoned carts
  • Guest data

7. Others

  • Keep track of the performance of installed modules thanks to the system analysis tool
  • Extra checkpoints to make sure your front office has the fastest speed
  • Support multi-shop mode
  • Support multi-language
  • Quick access menu in back office


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I install this module, but my site down with 404 error page.
I had to use a backup file to restore it.


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I install this module, but my site down with 404 error page.
I had to use a backup file to restore it.
This module has nothing to do with the redirection or htaccess, it is possible you have any other module conflicting with this one